Stuttgart 21 project continues

The Stuttgart 21 project is underway: Germany's largest railway station-rail and city planning project, the Stuttgart 21 Project, continues to claim that the cost will rise to 9.8 billion and the end of 2025 will not be accepted by the German Railways (DB).
The construction site of the Stuttgart 21, known as Europe's largest railway and city planning project, will be opened to the public for the first time. 4-6 January 2016 will be held between the dates of open doors on the day of the project citizens who want to see the authorities can get information. Visitors will also have the opportunity to surf the virtual train of Stuttgart Train Station in 2021 with virtual reality glasses.
In the meantime, Vieregg Rössler Advisory Office recently announced the report of the German Railways (DB) response came. Vieregg Rössler has announced that the 21 will cost 9.8 billion euros and it is not possible to finish before 2025.
DB said the report does not reflect the facts. . The Stuttgart 21 project will cost 6.5 billion euros as planned and will be completed in 2021, UM said Volker Kefer, Vice Chairman of the DB Board. Vieregg Rössler's report is far from reality. Vi
Paul Bonatz, architect of the Stuttgart 21 Project. Within the scope of the project, the Stuttgart train station, which still serves with the 16 platform, which does not have transit traffic (Kopfbahnhof), will be completely underground. For the Stuttgart 21, there will be a transit and passage of the high-speed trains and the new rail system in the city of Stuttgart with the 60 kilometer.
Within the scope of the project, new railways and tunnels are being constructed on the route to Stuttgart Mnfred Rommel International Airport and Wendlingen-Ulm. A year after the project, which was first presented to the public in 1994, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Deutsche Bahn (WB), the Federal Government, the Baden-Württemberg State government and the Stuttgart Metropolitan Municipality on completion and budget issues.
The 21 Project in Stuttgart, also known as Europe's largest station-rail and city planning project, is the longest-running protest in Europe.
Opponents of the 21 Project in Stuttgart have been protesting the week since 300. The state government on the events of 'Black Thursday' initially stood behind the police intervention. However, after this stage a conciliation and arbitral tribunal was established and the parties came together. The project was introduced more extensively and the number of protesters decreased.
However, in the province, 58 from the CDU in the province and the municipality in the municipality knew that the most important reason for this was the 21 in Stuttgart. As a result of the referendum for the first time in the history of the state, 7,5 decided to continue the 59 of the million participants.

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