Snowboard Team Skiing

Snowboard Team Avalanche on Skiing While Skiing: At the Abalı Ski Center in Van's Gevaş district, a snowboard team of 9 fell on them while skiing.

At the Abalı Ski Center in Van's Gevaş district, a team of 9 snowboarders fell on them while skiing. Ümit Yabasun skier was under avalanche as a result of avalanche. After 3 minutes of avalanche, Yabasun saved his friends.

Abalı Ski Center is one of the most visited places for citizens in winter. After heavy snowfall, the ski resort was frequented by skiers, and the 9 snowboarding team skied outside the track. As a result of the avalanche Ümit Yabasun skiers remained under the avalanche. 3 saved Yabasun's friends under an avalanche. Yabasun rescued with the help of his friends, was taken to hospital with the suspicion of internal bleeding. The incident was recorded in the recording camera at the record of the wild. Yabasun was discharged after the 4-5 hour surveillance.

Emin Bilen, who told the moment of the incident, said that he had left the track with a crew of 9. Bilen said, ç When we started to slide from the mountain, we had avalanches and we fell under the avalanche of Ümit Yabasun. Our friend 3 was under the avalanche near the minute. Nothing seemed to be about the heavy snow. We rescued our friend from the avalanche and took him to the hospital. 4-5 was discharged after hours of surveillance.

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