Snow activates Akdağ Ski Center

Snow mobilized Akdağ Ski Center: The effective snowfall in Samsun increased mobility in Ladik Ski Center. Mobility enterprises were delighted at the Akdag Ski Center, which hosted visitors below expectations until 2 weeks ago.

Karyağı, which has been effective in Samsun in recent days, has pleased the tourism professionals at Ladik Akdağ Ski Center. The snow thickness of Akdag Ski Center, which hosted the visitor below expectations until two weeks ago, exceeded 1 meter. Local tourists flocked to Akdag Ski Center with the holidays of schools due to snowfall and the New Year holiday in Samsun. The occupancy rate reached 80 percent.

Stating that he preferred Akdağ Ski Center to spend the holiday in the best way, Veysel Pamuk said, “The holiday process was extended with the holidays of the schools and the merger with the New Year's holiday. We have seen Ladik Akdağ Ski Center as the place where we can best evaluate this holiday process in Samsun. We have a very enjoyable time here. With its air and clean nature, Ladik Akdağ is a corner from heaven. I invite all citizens to enjoy Ladik Akdağ even if it is a short term holiday. ”