Learn more about SmartRail in Eurasia, improving city rail operations

Learn more about SmartRail in Eurasia, developing city rail operations:SmartRail & Metro While Eurasian is only a few weeks away, it's time to look closely at our calendar
Only even investments in Turkey exceeds $ 46 billion, the need for modernization and expansion of the railway network, is born from the need to respond to passenger demand. There is pressure on rail and city subway networks to increase their reliability and capacity.
With this in mind, SmartRail devoted the 1 afternoon to an 'Inland Railway Operations' session.
This session will focus on the following topics:
• How to create and expand seamless networks?
• How can adopting digitalization improve security and operation?
• How can urbanization and passenger demand be met effectively?
The sessions will follow a panel session where you can share your own ideas as a listener, ask questions and discuss the problems encountered in more detail.
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