Snow longing for ski resorts in the Alps is over

The snowy days of the ski resorts in the Alps came to an end: the starving skiing of the skiing stations in the Alps lasted a long time this year. The skiing season, which was expected to be opened before the Christmas holidays, was dropped to 2016 due to the hottest December of last years.

The expected snowfall finally arrived on Saturday at 2 January. France, Italy and Switzerland Alps said hello with heavy snow.

Snowfall was the most enjoyable holiday for skiers:

. Expect to be here for a week and snowed for the first time. We'll enjoy it as well. Biz

Im We have a full vacation, we're leaving, it's snowing, what to do! It's life. Hayat

”We've been waiting for the snow for a week, we'll enjoy it the last day.“

Snow was pleased with the holidaymakers in France, Italy and the Swiss Alps. However, the starvation of Austria is not over yet. In Austria, only a few stations have profitable skiing on their tracks.

Previously many ski resorts often used artificial snow machines to create enough snow on the tracks. In some stations, snow was carried by helicopters.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:35

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