Signalization Failure in the North

Outraged İzbe career Signaling Failure of İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in partnership with TCDD within Turkey's largest city have launched a public rail transport system İZBAN mad.
Izmir residents waiting at Izmir Suburban stations (IZBAN) in the early hours of the morning to go to schools and workplaces in Izmir suffered due to the signaling malfunction in Cumaovasi. Citizens waiting at the stations for about 30 minutes to go from Cumaovası to the direction of Aliağa, criticized İZBAN from their twitter accounts.
Turkey's largest urban public transport system İZBAN, broke down again yesterday in the morning is used as the busiest. Due to the signaling failure in Cumaovası, there were delays in İZBAN flights. The residents of Izmir, who had been waiting for İZBAN for a long time at the stations and were late for their jobs and schools, rebelled against their situation. Approximately 30 minutes later, while some citizens had difficulty in getting on İZBAN, which came to Şirinyer Station, due to the intensity, the journey of the riders turned into an ordeal. Citizens who traveled a pile of fish in İZBAN wagons also showed their reactions on their social media accounts. The criticisms of the people of Izmir, who criticize İZBAN on Twitter, on social media are as follows;
Gamze G.: "Eshot that does not come, IZBAN that does not come, good days that do not come ..."
Everything for İzmir: "Has Kocaoğlu ever used İZBAN or Metro in the morning as the President of İzmir?"
Sedat Ş. : "People go from one end of the world to the other, you cannot go from Cumaovasi to Aliağa #izban @uzunyolunkisasi Every day is a new problem"
Mini-mini: "Good morning, I guess IZBAN won't come today"
Cem Batmaz: "Torture."
Horse Head: “It is exactly 40 minutes. I am in Şirinyer İzban. I'm late for work. Do not send short trains "
HDoksal: “How are you ruled? Does it break down every day? It is enough"
Selimmo: “Helping? Let Izban work properly. "

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