Siemens, Paris Metro 4. Will make the automation system of the line

Siemens to Build the Automation System of the 4th Line of the Paris Metro: In the statement made by the French public transport system operator RATP on January 7, it was stated that Siemens had been agreed with Siemens for the automation of the 12,1th Line of the Paris Metro.
According to the agreement, Siemens will install its own Trainguard MT signaling system and also create an operation center. There will also be a number of modernization operations for the 27 station. It is estimated that energy consumption will decrease by% 15 after signaling and other works are completed. Paris Metro 4. All processes to be performed by Siemens for its line are expected to end in 2022.
Paris Metro 4. Plastic wheel trains are in service. Even the average daily 700000 passengers are moving. Hat 2013 has been serving as a non-barman since then.

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