The bed capacity in the Erciyes, which opens the season, is doubled to 2

The bed capacity in Erciyes, which opens the season, will increase to 2. In XIUMX boutique hotel, in Erciyes, where the skiing season starts, soon 4 will be added to the hotel. With the opening of the other 4 hotel in the investment program, the bed capacity will be 800 bin.

Erciyes AŞ General Manager Dr. Murat Cahit Cıngı, the leading winter sports in Turkey's tourism centers between was built on dedicated areas at Erciyes Located said the company opened four boutique hotel soon than 4 new hotels, "With the opening of these hotels, bed capacity on the mountain in the first place 4 ' It goes up to 800 thousand. This number will increase to 600 thousand with the introduction of 13 other hotels in the investment program. ”

Saying that the new season has started at the ski resort, Dr. Cıngı said, “The 2015-2016 winter tourism season in Erciyes has officially started as of Christmas. There is a high demand for our center both at home and abroad. With the new season, all the existing 800 beds in the accommodation facilities have been filled. Approximately 1.6 million people visited the winter sports center last season. We estimate that this number will increase even more in the new season. ” Dr. Cahit Cıngı, because of the inadequacy of the progress that although the number of beds Erciyes towards becoming a ski resort in the world, noting that they find it difficult to accommodate those who want to come in aggregate from abroad, "3 years in Turkey season are one of the earliest blooming ski centers. This season, too, without waiting for snowfall, we activated the snow machines on days when the air temperatures dropped to minus 4-5 degrees, and we opened a section of our tracks to ski lovers by producing snow from Tekir Pond. While implementing the Erciyes Master Plan, we have developed projects that will prepare an environment for Erciyes to be used as a holiday and tourism center. We organized various activities in the summer months and tried to keep the mobility alive in every season. For example, various national races of the Bicycle Federation were held in Erciyes last summer. Likewise, the scope of Urgup in Cappadocia Bicycle Festival - Turkey's most popular long-distance race, Erciyes was carried out, "he said.

Dr. Cıngı stated that 4 new hotels will be added to 4 boutique hotels that have been opened before and that 4 to 5 hotels will be put into service every year starting from this season. We are having serious problems in this regard. Metropolitan municipality opened a tender 3 years ago for a rooted solution to the problem, and allocated 21 hotel lands in different parts of the ski center to tourism investors. 4 of the hotels built here were put into operation last season. 4 new boutique hotels will be launched this season. With the opening of these hotels, the bed capacity will increase from 800 to 600 thousand. Our goal is to reach 5 thousand bed capacity in Erciyes for up to 6 years. ” he spoke. Dr. Cıngı emphasized that by 2020, Erciyes will become an international ski center with its bed capacity and social facilities, “The length of the ski slopes on the mountain is 120 kilometers. This length will be 200 kilometers in the future. We are commissioning the tracks with a height of 3 meters this season. These are the tracks around the world. So, the tracks preferred by highly skilled skiers and professionals. We protected these tracks with long-distance nets. The mechanical facilities at Develi Kapı will also come into play during the season. For this reason, increasing the bed capacity in Erciyes is of great importance for the development of regional tourism. ”

World Snowboard Championship is held in Erciyes

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, 2016 stating FIS World Snowboard Championships will be held in Erciyes, "International Ski Federation (FIS) with a deal in 2016 Snowboard're doing World Cup matches at the February 27 to 28 at the Erciyes Ski Center. We are holding the world championship of the races we held last year at the level of the European Cup, next February. ” Stating that Erciyes Winter Sports Tourism Center has started to announce its name with the investments made in recent years, Yarar said, “Kayseri, therefore, Erciyes has become a city and a mountain where world cup competitions can be easily held in winter sports. Turkey's highest slopes in 3 to 400 thousand 2 meter runway capable of opening soon. The delivery of snowboard competitions, which constitute one leg of the world cup in parallel slalom, means that Erciyes is registered by Kayseri, the world. As a matter of fact, the competitions will be broadcast live on international television channels and will be a symbol of great development for both our country and Kayseri. “He spoke.

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