Court of Accounts, TCDD to leave the concept of railing should be left

The TCA proposed abandoning its one-way approach on the TCDD railway: The TCA recommended that the railway lines should be liberated from the ı one-way tek approach in a report in which TCDD audited the activities of the 2014.
According to the audit report of the Court of Accounts of the Court of Accounts, the period of the 2014 year of TCDD was closed with the loss of 2014 million TL period; with the loss of past years, balance sheet loss was realized as 1.874 billion TL.
SAI "of developed countries' economic and rail transport plays an important role in social development have been neglected for many years in Turkey and can not come to an active position, increased financial on TCDD are forced to do business with a high cost burden. This negative structure constitutes the main problem of the railway sector and TCDD. Bu
TCDD's modern, fast and safe transportation activities,
Sayıştay noted that it is important to make an organization with an economic organization, efficient and competitive power. Various investment projects have been put into practice in order to modernize railway operations, increase the competitiveness of this area and increase the share of railway transportation in total transportation Demiryolu.
Sayıştay noted that investments in this area should be completed at the most appropriate cost and on time, especially for high-speed train projects. Therefore, it should be emphasized that things should not be liquidated bulundu.
Sayıştay noted that besides the high-speed train projects, the modernization of the conventional lines should be given more attention. Therefore, it is important to increase the two-track roads. On the other hand, electrification applications and signaling system should be expanded within the framework of general improvement programs. In addition, the work on the renewal of railway lines and towing vehicles should be continued ın.


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