The snow thickness of the Samsun Ladik Akdağ ski resort was 70 cm

The snow thickness was 70 cm in Samsun Ladik Akdağ ski center: The snow thickness in Akdağ Ski Center in Samsun's Ladik district reached 70 centimeters (cm). In the center of the Ladik, snow thickness was measured as 30-35 cm.

In the heavy snowfall that lasted for days in Samsun, the thickness of the snow reached 50 centimeters in many regions. There were serious problems in transportation in Samsun.

With the snowfall that lasted for days in Samsun, 1 kilograms of precipitation fell to 37.6 square meter in Samsun Center since Friday, 45 kilograms at Çarşamba Airport, 63.8 kilograms in Alaçam, 43.4 kilograms in Bafra, 77.5 kilograms in Tekkeköy.

In the Şenyurt Village, where the Samsun Meteorology Radar is located, the snow is 95 centimeters, while the other regions are as follows:

Canik University of Achievement: 50-60 cm

Ladik Ski Resort: 70 cm

Ladik Headquarters: 30-35 cm

Vezirköprü: 5 cm

30-35 cm of poplar: 30-35cm

Canik: 40- 45 cm

Wednesday: 45-50 cm

Alaçam-Kızlan 60 cm

With Jackal: 30cm