Season opened at Salda Ski Center

The season has started at the Salda Ski Center: The season has started at the Salda Ski Center in the Yeşilova district of Burdur, when the snow thickness reached 40 centimeters.

Selçuk Şemsioğlu, who is the owner of the center, told reporters that there is a t-bar (ski lift) and 5 ski slope in the ski resort.

Emphasizing that they are a small ski resort, Şemsioğlu said, “The important thing is that there is an education area where the people coming can learn to ski first. We want our guests to enjoy their skiing and leave with good memories. We can do this here, we can achieve it, ”he said.

Pointing out that they opened the ski center with the beginning of the semester break and reaching sufficient snow level, Şemsioğlu said that snowboarding also attracted interest in addition to skiing.

Özgür Kural, who comes from Antalya, stated that he and his wife spend the weekends by skiing. Noting that Yeşilova is one of their dreams with its lake view, skiing in winter and the opportunity to enter the lake in summer, Kural stated that they also camp in summer.

Resat Atagün, has traveled up and down all the ski resorts in Turkey, but stressed it can not find anywhere where the beauty of nature.

Selda Yurdusever, a teacher in Izmir, stated that she was introduced to skiing for the first time and that the loving nature of people made it even more attractive.

- Salda Ski Center

Located in the middle of Burdur, Denizli and Antalya provinces, at an altitude of 2 thousand 79 meters, Salda Ski Center is 77 kilometers from Burdur, 154 kilometers from Antalya, 74 kilometers from Denizli and 14 kilometers from Yeşilova district center.