Ski adventure in the Rhodope Mountains

Ski adventure in the Rhodope Mountains. Pamporovo is a ski resort where snow and sun are not missing. When you open your eyes in the morning, see the beauty created by the sun's rays on the snow.

Located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, Pamporovo is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe. Good, because at an altitude of 1650 meters, but rather than the harsh nature of these altitudes, you are entering a Mediterranean climate. The breathtaking view of the Rhodope Mountains that makes you feel like it continues forever, the centuries-old pine forests that seem to touch the sky and the breathtaking sun births and sunsets if you can catch the time; Just a few of the beauties you can watch. By the way, it is extremely sheltered against strong winds thanks to these mountains surrounding it. This ski center in the Smolyan Region of Bulgaria; Turkey only five or six hours away. In this last period for ski lovers in Turkey it is among the most visited ski resorts in Europe.

Most of these tracks in Pamporovo, which are approximately 37 km for Alpine skiing and approximately 30 km for skiing, are suitable for intermediate and beginner levels. Some of them are at a level that can even challenge professionals. In a more technical way, Pamporovo Ski Center has a total of eight tracks, one easy, two medium, one difficult and four very difficult. In addition, four training tracks are designed for new learners and three tracks for cross-countryers. In the meantime, it should be underlined that families with children prefer this place for ski school. Snowboard enthusiasts are also considered. Besides the tracks, there is also a school. Pamporovo is also a good place to visit. For example, explore Stoikite Village. Located in the Rhodope Mountains about 10 kilometers from Pamporovo, this village is truly enchanting with its history and nature. Continue your expedition through Bachkovo, one of Europe's oldest and largest Orthodox monasteries. By the way, you can find local handicrafts and different gifts in the shops in the center.

Pamporovo is located in the Middle Rhodopes region, which has an important place in the history of Bulgaria. And for this reason, there are many ancient roads, temples, castles and cemeteries left from the Combs and Romans. If you want to discover an Ottoman treasure while traveling to Bulgaria, proceed to the Filibe Pamporova crossroad. You can also see the ruins of the Ottoman palace on the top of the mountain. In the meantime, go to the 156-meter Snezhanka TV Tower, which you can reach by ski lifts, and enjoy the stunning view while sipping your coffee or eating your local meal.

There are two more addresses where you can ski in Bulgaria. These are Bansko and Borovets. Bansko has 13 main tracks, reaching 70 kilometers in length. The ski center, which hosts many champions, has a special education area for children. Borovets is the country's largest and most modern ski resort. In Borovets Ski Center, it is possible to find different levels of piste that can appeal to everyone.

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