Raybüs did not hold

Raybus did not hold: RAYBÜS was not enough to mobilize the Akşehir Train Station, an important stop on the railway connecting Istanbul to its south and southeast regions.
The Raybus, which was opened with a magnificent opening in August 2015, goes from Akşehir to Konya every day between 06:10 and 12:50 and the journey takes 2.5 hours. The return from Konya to Akşehir takes place between 09:00 - 18:15. It was learned that 237 people boarded the railways in August, 681 people in September, 522 people in October, 395 people in November and 239 people in December.
Since two trains run two rounds, two turn-rounds, three people per train per day in August, the average 10 person rides a day in December, and a two-way, two-way ramble is a funny figure like the 2.5 person per train.
19 lira 25 kuruş from Konya. 20 discount is applied to students, elderly and disabled citizens at this price and 2 reaches Konya in half an hour. If you go to Konya by bus from our district 20 TL and one hour 45 minutes to reach Konya. There is also a free shuttle service to or from Konya. On the other hand, because it is planned for passengers who want to travel by High Speed ​​Train, because the railroad is waiting for the high speed train in Konya, this time is also a little longer. In addition, the Blue Train 3 hour between Aksehir / Konya is provided to railbüste this only dropped to 2 and half an hour.
Mayor of Akşehir Salih Akkaya, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the railbüsü, aslında This railroad work is actually only planned for Konya-Aksehir, edited, not a State Railways transportation, but our main goal; Akşehir and other districts to provide high-speed train. If the high-speed train does not come to Akşehir, Akşehirli High Speed ​​Train should be reached in Konya and we have developed this project so that our people from Akşehir can benefit from High Speed ​​Train technology. With this project, I hope that this project will be expanded in the first place by describing Ankara to Ankara and then to Eskişehir in the future. In the coming periods, hopefully we will be able to reach the Cappadocia line, Kayseri line, Antalya line, Mersin Adana line, which will be in the project stage. It is not known when these promises are fulfilled, but at least if the raft is made between Eskişehir Konya, Afyon, Akşehir and the surrounding districts also suffered a small increase in the number of passengers claimed.


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  1. The problem is very clear, the cost of coming to Konya from Akşehir to Konya with Konya Mavi, which is on the same line and at very close times, is 2 TL, while the cost with Raybus is 11.50 TL. Also, the hours of the morning trains are very close to each other. And no matter which train you take in the morning, you can catch the 19.25 YHT to Ankara. What needs to be done is to ensure that the departure time of Konya YHT from Izmir is half an hour-09.45 minutes ahead, and that the morning pass from Akşehir is the same and Ruybus is removed in the morning. In addition, the system should be reconsidered in the morning to get up from Afyon and support the 45 YHT. Also, if the price stays that way, it must be pulled to an equal level.