Private bus to districts away from ESHOT

Private bus to districts far from ESHOT: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of ESHOT has bought a new bus 15 to serve on long-haul flights. Buses that are planned to travel to newly connected districts have more seats than standard models.
ESHOT, which has started to provide public transportation services to 30 district with expanding service limits, has bought new bus 15 to ensure comfortable travel especially on long distance lines. Unlike existing solo buses with 31-32 seats, the new buses with seating capacity 42 have seat belts in all seats. MAN-branded buses with modern lines include in-vehicle cameras, passenger information systems, and special equipment such as the driver's safety cab. Environmentally friendly and silent The EURO 5 engine, automatic transmission and powerful air conditioners are designed to enable the disabled to travel easily. The new buses with the colors and patterns determined by the General Directorate of ESHOT will be at the service of the Izmir residents starting from the new year.


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