Preparation of the tender specifications of the Babadağ cable car project

The tender specifications of the Babadag ropeway project are being prepared: President of the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry and chairman of the board of the Babadag power company, Akif Arıcan, stated that the specifications of the Babadağ ropeway project which is expected for years are being prepared. Akif Arıcan yaşat In the first half of 2016, we will make the tender for the ropeway. Approximately 2017-40 million TL with this project from the Dead Sea Hisaroninden 50 thousand 3 meters of the cable car in the 850-10 minutes to the father of the project by establishing the dream of the winter, we want to revive the winter tourism. We would like to thank our government for its support in overcoming bureaucratic obstacles. When the cable car takes place, we plan to take 15 and 300 a thousand to the father in the year. We will enjoy the magnificent view of Oludeniz and the pleasure of flight. 500 of 2016. half of all operations in the tender and the company that completed the 1 year in the completion of the cable car project Oludeniz and Fethiye in another window will be opened to the world. It will be of great benefit to our country both in terms of value added and tourism value. We believe that our municipality and non-governmental organizations will support this project. Right now, South Korea and far east tourists come from our region.



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