Citadis Dualis on Paris Streets Served Trams

Citadis Dualis Trams to Serve on the Streets of Paris: French Railways SNCF ordered 15 new trams to serve in the capital Paris. Alstom's order for Citadis Dualis trams was made public on January 5. The cost of the new tram order, which is the option of an agreement with Alstom in 2007, will be 75 million Euros.
The ordered trams are scheduled to be delivered in October of 2017. Trams are expected to be in the 4 year after the extension of the T2019 line in the city. Trams will serve between Gargon and Montfermeil.
Citadis Dualis trams will be produced at the Valenciennes factory in Alstom. However, some parts of the trams will be manufactured and assembled at other plants in Valenciennes.

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