Palandöken Municipality teaches children to ski at the peak

📩 24/11/2018 16:31

Palandöken Municipality teaches children to ski at the summit: Palandöken Belediyespor Club trains the new stars of skiing with the 6 and 8 skiing courses for children. Palandöken Belediyespor Club's 10 branch with more than one thousand athletes in the Palandöken Belediyespor Club, Palandöken Mountain skiing courses carried out with children and young people meet with skiing.

Palandöken Belediyespor Club, which shows that the sports of winter sports is dada, will give ski training to 50 students during the winter. Palandöken Mayor Orhan Bulutlar, who visited the tiny skiers' training area, was interested in small skiers.
Palandöken Mayor Orhan Bulutlar said that he believes they will achieve significant successes in skiing in the future and that sports awareness should be given to children for a healthy future. President Bulutlar, ler Palandöken is developing day by day and our sports facilities are increasing. We do our best for the development of ski sport. We're raising the skiers of the future at the ski camp. Star skiers of the world will come out of Palandöken, the number of national skiers will increase every day. By making a first, we started to give education to our 50 child in our course which is completely free of charge by our Municipality in the first place. Good luck to our city and our county. Ş

Mayor Bulutlar, Palandöken is an important ski resort, recalling the need to increase the interest in children's skiing and that they will do for this. The families of the athletes, who explained that they had a good time and had new friendships, thanked the Mayor of Palandöken, Orhan Bulutlar, who gave them the opportunity to meet with their children.
Palandöken Mountain course visit the Mayor of Palandöken Orhan Clouds, as well as Palandöken Belediyespor Club President and Vice President Zafer Bülent Engin, Turgay Erdem and students' parents attended.