Autism twins share the Turkey Championship

Autism twins share the Turkey Championship: held in Erzincan Special Athletes twins Ski Championship in Turkey was marked with autism.

Special Athletes twins with autism to Ski Championship in Turkey was marked Erzincan. Gemini athletes 12-year-old Muhsin and Ali Zeynep Murat Bingül brothers, shared the Turkey championship in their age group. Gemini will be held in Poland will represent Turkey at the World Championships.

Special Athletes Turkey 2 thousand 700 altitude located in the foothills of Mount Ski Championships of Munzer was held in Erkan Mountain Winter Sports Center. 20 clubs from 19 provinces participated in the championship, which was attended by 38 athletes. A total of 16 special athletes, 38 of whom were women, sweat to enter the Alpine Discipline and Ski Running categories. Erzurum Regional Court of Justice Chief Public Prosecutor Murat Unal Bingül of autistic twins and Ali Muhsin Zeynep Bingül, was the champion of Turkey.

Age group gave Turkey's only licensed athletes of the twin Governor Süleyman Hero medals. The Chief Public Prosecutor of Erzurum Regional Court of Justice, Ünal Bingül, did not leave his children alone during the race and medal ceremony. Other special athletes who won the competitions received their medals from Deputy Governor Ahmet Türköz, Mayor AK Party Cemalettin Başsoy, Chief Public Prosecutor Hüsnü Aldemir.

Raiders coach Melih Yavuz twins with autism, while Muhsin Championship held in Turkey last year Sarikamish Zeynep Murat and Ali Bingül that Turkey Champion of the brothers recalled: "We worked very hard for the world championship. I hope we will win, ”he said.

Turkey Special Athletes Sports Federation Board Member Yunus Kabul, "really very nice ski resort in Erzincan. Turkey and we have seen that step towards becoming a global brand. 20 athletes from 38 provinces participated in the championship. Champions will participate in the World Championship in Poland next month. Last year, private athletes became the Second in the World. I hope they will return to our country by getting a world degree this year, ”he said.

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