Bridge crossings increased by 10 million

When the bridge crossings were reduced by 10 million, the increase was made: The increase in bridges and highways after 4 years upset the car owners. However, the reason for the hike has once again revealed the importance of Marmaray, which some groups strongly oppose. When the bridge crossings were reduced by 10 million due to Marmaray, the raise became necessary.
The 2015 million decrease in the number of vehicles crossing two large bridges in Istanbul in 10 was effective in the increase in bridge and highway fees. With the introduction of Marmaray, the number of vehicles passing through bridges decreased by 10 million. This was one of the factors in the raise.
Yavuz Semerci from Habertürk Newspaper evaluated the current increase of 16 on bridge and highway prices. Here is the relevant section of the article:
2012 149 million in 2013, 152 million in 2014, 150 million vehicles in 2015. The number of vehicles in the first 11 of 129 is 11 million. December's figure has not been announced yet, but let's say 140 million (the monthly average this). 142-10 million vehicle history. 9 is missing a million vehicles. According to the General Directorate of Highways, the last XNUMX was the lowest level of the year.
Since 2012, the gross revenue of the two bridges (18 VAT and 10 municipal share in the revenue) has been changing between 280 and 296 million. This year, the revenue will be around 4 million, a decrease of around 283 compared to last year.
These figures show us that the Highways cannot achieve the revenue they expect in bridge tolls. The reason for the decline in the number of vehicles using bridges. (In 2015, the number of daily vehicles that crossed two bridges 27 has fallen ında)
In summary, the number of vehicles passing through the bridge appears to be increased. In determining the tolls in the article of the law, “tolls of roads and re-determination of these fees; The distance of the highway is calculated by considering the traffic density, the type of vehicle, social and economic factors ğu. However, by making the article a little more understandable, the article should be changed as follows:

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