Domestic cranes 3. raises the bridge

Domestic cranes raise the 3rd bridge: The domestic cranes, which are specially produced by a company in Bilecik, are used for the erection of the 3rd bridge that is under construction in the Bosphorus.
Special cranes made by a company in Bilecik, which produces various vehicles for use in various industrial facilities in Europe and Africa, are also used in the assembly of the 3rd bridge, which is under construction in the Bosphorus.
Single and double girder, heavy duty gantry crane, companies producing business machines such as electric chain hoist and jib cranes, Turkey and the leading automotive world, white goods, iron and steel, energy, machinery, cement, marble, granite, plastic also meets the crane needs of the aluminum, furniture and chemical industries.
Bülent Şadoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Visan Vinc, operating in Bilecik, stated to the AA reporter that the company, which was established in 1976 with a team of 5 people to ensure the removal of heavy load products, today provides services with 10 employees in an area of ​​25 thousand square meters, 160 thousand square meters of which is closed. he said.
Explaining that they produce cranes that can lift electrical 1 ton to 500 tonnes at the factory, Şadoğlu said, “Our cranes are primarily in our own country and then in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan. As North African countries, we export to Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Germany, England, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Far East in Europe. We manufacture all the products in our own factory. ”
- The cranes of the 3rd bridge are from Bilecik
Şadoğlu stated that some of the cranes they produced were also used for the exchange of carrier ropes of other bridges in the Bosphorus.
Japanese IHI firm 16 has developed a walking crane and the ropes of the change is made by the cranes they produced Şadoğlu, said:
"3. The construction of our bridge continues. Our indigenous cranes, which we have specially produced, successfully take part in the construction of the 3rd bridge. Likewise, the cranes we constructed in 2015 were used in the assembly of the carrier blocks of the Nissibi Bridge, which was built in XNUMX. We are honored and proud of this. ”
- “We export 35 percent”
Şadoğl is that exports 35 percent of produced cranes, stressed that Turkey presented to the rest of the market.
Emphasizing that his cranes have no difference from other machines produced in Europe and the USA, Şaroğlu continued his words as follows:
“Due to the fact that only Turks start manufacturing industrial plants or machines late, we are less known in the world. The products we make today are no different from a machine made by a European or any machine manufacturer in the world. We are trying to increase awareness of our brand and quality by increasing the export of the machine we have made in various countries of the world and the number of working machines. Fully Turkish cranes successfully lift and carry heavy loads in various countries of the world. ”

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