Moscow, subway and railway construction in the ambitious

Moscow is also ambitious in subway and rail construction: 2015 boasted a record-breaking road construction in the Moscow government 2016'da announced that the ambitious metro and railway construction.
The reconstruction work on the Ryazansky and Shelkovsky highways will be completed at 2016. Some work on the northwest highway will be completed and new railways will be built. At the beginning of the year, the construction of the Yujny railway will connect Kantimersky Street via Bakalavsky.
This year, "Alma Atinskaya", "Novokosino", "Seligerskaya", "Park Pobedı" and "Lefortovo" transfer points will be built. Towards the summer “Vostok“ tower in Moscow City will be opened. When the work is completed, Vostok will be the tallest building in Europe and Russia. The construction of new skyscrapers in Moscow is not planned.
In total, 8 million square meters of real estate will be built. Most construction will take place in new Moscow and old industrial areas.

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