New York Metro is Modernizing

The New York Metro is Modernizing: The MTA redesigns its trains for the comfort of passengers.
The MTA is planning to end the problems such as walking among the cabins, opening heavy doors and fear of falling into the space, based on the work of metro for the future.
MTA; With the changes on trains, it will create more space for the passengers on foot. The New York Metro Administration has spent 10 million dollars to buy and test the 10 train to increase the capacity by% 52.4. If the MTA and the locals like the test trains, the authorities will be expanding their free plan in line with all metro lines by placing approximately 1,000 units.
However, the authorities are of the opinion that such a transformation must take place for at least a decade.
As a result of the regulations, trains on the windows of the digital video screens to be presented in advertising, entertainment content will be included in the content of information to be reported. Wi-Fi, charging stations and security cameras will also feature in high-tech cabins.
Train wagons without walls are used in many metro systems around the world, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and Berlin. As a result of MTA's new plans for capital program, MTA sözcüKevin Ortiz reported that the New York Metro Administration is working on the design of the trains and plans to tender next year.
The New York Metro Administration has not yet determined what metro lines the 2020 test train will run, which will not end up with at least 10 and will not serve. Ortiz said the train design and links would be scheduled until the 2017. On the other hand, the New York Metro Administration plans to add many even countdown times.
MTA's plans include the introduction of digital payment systems instead of subway cards at the end of next year.
Two weeks ago, MTA President Tom Prendergast reported that they had accelerated their plans by creating a timetable for new work. Upgrades are included in the MTA's investment budget from 2015 to 2019.

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