Ministry announces cost of EXPO-Meydan rail line

The ministry announced the cost of the EXPO-Meydan rail line: claims from the Ministry of Transport came to the claims regarding the cost of the EXPO-Square rail line. The statement, miscalculated the public with miscalculations were emphasized
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Investments Müdür Meydan-Aksu-EXPO Antalya II. He responded to claims related to the Stage Rail Line and the cost of the line. In the statement, it is stated that the comparison made with unit costs related to similar projects in some newspapers does not reflect the truth due to the wrong calculation methods, and that the unit cost of the mileage system line in Antalya is lower than the unit cost of Bursa and Kocaeli rail system tendered in 2015 year. EXPO Square Rail System technical information about the project in the description of the line is the continuation of the line Fatih-Ogogar-Meydan expressed.
Incorrect calculations
Antalya, Samsun, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Bursa Tramway Projects are shown as a similar project, the statement expressed in Antalya II. The project is divided into 18.1 kilometers of the tender price of the stage of the figure was misleading. In the statement, birim The project costs of the projects shown as equivalent are calculated by taking the Turkish Lira Contract Fees for the relevant year, which will vary considerably when the price difference is updated and / or the exchange rate change between years is taken into consideration. This situation can be seen when looking at the costs of Tramway Tenders (Kocaeli, Bursa, Antalya) realized in 2015 year Bu.
Antalya II. The statement expressed that the Contract of the Stage Rail System Project was signed on the Turkish Lira was not affected by the exchange rate change, and there was no application of price difference since the contract period was limited.
Cost determines the infrastructure
In the statement stated that the main factors determining the prices in such projects are infrastructure types, it would be misleading to compare the unit mileage costs of a project planned as a street tram, with a superstructure installation to the existing highway and a tunnel, viaduct and / or embankment / split. For example, the compared lines are street tram and since they are located on the existing highway, filling and route works, station underpass / overpass productions, Konkors structures etc. are included. There is. For example, Eskişehir tram line rail span is unique and 1.000 mm. Antalya II. The stage is 1.435 mm. It is opening. The double line within the scope of the project is located in the median region of the State Highway and within the scope of the project there are significant foundation embankments, subbalasts, ballast manufacturing and pedestrian under / overpasses and conch structures to cross the 3 × 2 highway in the station areas. Some of the projects in the news are single lines. Electromechanical Systems are not included in the prices included in the news, they only include construction costs ”.
Cost of additional risk
If one-kilometer costs of lines (double line, signaled and electrified equivalent) are calculated and compared, it is stated that the comparison will be more meaningful. Antalya II. In addition to the main line production within the scope of Stage Rail System Line project, 1.400 meter length storage line in the warehouse area, 6 piece scissors in this area, additional workshop facility in the existing warehouse line, mini maintenance workshop facility in the end of EXPO, maintenance equipment and supply of spare parts are also included. It is located. The integration of signal and telecommunication with the current line in the enterprise is another task under the contract. Therefore, it is misleading to compare the unit cost calculated by dividing the price of the auction by 18.1. Antalya II. The most important feature of the Stage Rail Line Project is that it should be commissioned prior to the EXPO Organization on 23 April 2016, which is an additional risk cost for limited contractors. Lı
Unit prices
The statement also included the following information on the costs of recent rail system projects; In the Eskişehir Tramway Project, the total length of a single line is 38,6 km and the double line equivalent is 19,3 km. With 2012 prices, the entire work cost approximately TL 90 million. 1 Euro = 2,37 The contract amount is 90.000.0003,35 / 2,37 = 127 is million TL. Therefore, the unit mileage cost is not 4,1 million TL, as claimed. 6,6 million TL (However, line clearance is 1.000 mm. And Infrastructure is available) In Samsun, the tender price is about 70 million Euros except for vehicle purchase and 15,2 mileage cost 70.000.0003,35 / 15,2 = 15,5 is million TL. The cost of the 2015 TL line for the 9,45 km-long Kocaeli Tram, which was tendered in 133.816.000, is 14,2 million TL. Another project awarded in 2015 is Bursa Şekerpınar-Otogar Tramway. The length of this line is 7 and the mileage cost is 16,3 million TL.
Antalya II. For the stage; The contract price is approximately 260 million and the equivalent double line length is about 20 km, so the unit cost of the unit is 13 million TL.

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