National Freight Wagon and TÜDEMSAŞ

National Freight Wagon and TÜDEMSAŞ: National Freight Wagon within the National Train Project, which will bring our country into a country that produces and exports railway technology in the coming years, has carried out a serious preparation process at the beginning of the project.
Under the coordination of TCDD; A large number of technical personnel from the relevant departments of TCDD, Karabük and Cumhuriyet Universities and employees of our Company worked intensively for this project. Within the scope of these studies started about two years ago; In 12 country, 17 participated in separate international event, with 64 technical staff. Initially; literature review, scientific studies, international meetings and conferences were attended. Subsequently; international trade fairs were followed, and the companies that design product companies, wagons and sub-components were interviewed with the manufacturers and logistics companies.
After that; The concept, design and technical specifications that have been prepared in the meeting of the Company's stakeholders in the project working group have been shared and since this wagon to be produced should be an innovative and competitive product; Sggmrs type twin, articulated, integrated (compact) brake system, H-type bogie container transport wagons were decided to be made and procurement processes were initiated.
The tender for the national freight car Sggmrs type twin wagons, which will be produced in Sivas and to be exported abroad, was carried out at 30 April 2015 and the project, prototype production and certification studies were started. 2016 will be ready for mass production in the last quarter of the year and 2017 will be produced in 150 in the year.

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  1. There is no need to find the amateur again. With the projects to be acquired from the international railway association, the experience of the subsidiary can be found in the ideal wagon type. Universities do not understand these works. According to the technology in accordance with the light and robust selection of suitable materials in the work of the business takes. Modern wagon, robust, trouble-free, multi-purpose, easy to load / unloadable, convenient capacity, a little light, is a vagone. It can be useless lar In Yut, wagon manufacturers should exchange information about innovations. 3.Houses should not use old high-tier, small-volume wagons. In particular, the idea of ​​the wagons should be taken.

  2. countries that use the same as the twin railroads. If the international railroads meet the standards, where the invention of the TC is not certain. If it is a national project, why are the tests carried out abroad? The UIC has approved the project? Or the 160 will make the speed of the km / s? Will the axle pressure be 25 tons? No mana was given to advertising such as em Devrim oto.. If it is a magnificent letting, why 50 is not done this year? .. Let's use 3-4 years later, let's do it.