Metro station not art work

Metro station is not a work of art: cities attracting tourists all over the world, subway stations are also competing with each other. You do not see the city exactly without seeing the metro stations, each of which is a work of art, with the signature of famous architects and artists.
The famous Toledo station in Naples, Italy has a futuristic architecture. The city's metro station, completed in 2012, carries traces of Catalan architecture. Designed by the architect Oscar Tusquets, a close friend of Salvador Dali, the station will amaze you with its blue and black ceramics, like many visitors.
You wouldn't have a precise idea about subways and metro stations without seeing the metro station in Sweden's capital, Stockholm. The station called TCentralen, 34 meters below ground; It is known for its colors, architecture and walls covered with frescoes. The station feels like a cave.
The Marienplatz metro station in Munich, Germany, is a masterpiece of modern art. Renovated in 2006, the station is known as one of the most important stations in the city.
Spain's second largest city, Barcelona, ​​is worth seeing for its ambitious metro station as well as its entertainment venues, beach, boutiques and delicious food. You can look at the architecture of the Drassanes station, designed by two of Spain's famous architects, Eduardo Gutierrez Munne and Jordi Fernandez Rio, and you might think you're on the set of the Star Wars movie.
The metro station of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the kind of fascinating people. There are works and installations of famous Portuguese artists all over the metro station called Olaias.

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