Metro and rail systems built with treasury resources are in Parliament

Metro and rail systems built with treasury resources in Parliament: The allegations that the treasury resources were transferred to the AK Party municipalities and that the Treasury caused a loss in this way were brought to the agenda of the TGNA.
CHP Mersin Deputy Serdal Kuyucuoğlu gave a parliamentary question to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with the request of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu for a written reply. Deputy Serdal Kuyucuoğlu, based on the Decision on the Determination of the Conditions Regarding the Takeover of Urban Rail Transportation Systems, Subways and Related Facilities by the Ministry of Transport and their Completion, adopted by the Council of Ministers, the ongoing rail system in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya provinces He pointed out that the relevant ministry could not only complete the unfinished rail systems and subways, but also undertake the construction of new projects approved by the Council of Ministers, pointing out that the subway construction works were transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
CHP's Kuyucuoğlu continued as follows: “With the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette on 10 April 2015, the construction of the rail system in Konya was transferred to the relevant Ministry. The costs of projects whose construction was approved were previously deposited by the municipalities into the bank accounts provided by the Treasury. Thus, the Treasury's receivable was paid immediately. With this decision, the rail system or metro costs covered by the budget will be covered by the transferee, that is, from the revenues provided by the municipalities, and will be transferred to the Undersecretariat of Treasury accounts. Since rail systems and subways generally cannot make a profit, the Treasury will not be able to take this receivable and will lose. It is clear that the rail systems and subways that many municipalities try to build with their own means bring serious burdens to our municipalities in terms of cost. However, the decision of the Council of Ministers causes a political separation between our municipalities and leads to the transfer of additional resources to AKP municipalities by the Treasury. "
CHP Mersin Deputy Serdal Kuyucuoğlu, in the light of this information, asked the following questions to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu:
“What is the total cost of the rail systems and subways of Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and finally Konya, whose construction was transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, to the Treasury?
How many rail system and metro projects have been approved by the Ministry of Transport and submitted to the Council of Ministers for their construction? How many of them belong to the ruling municipalities, how many of them belong to the opposition municipalities?
For example, why were the Üçkuyular, Narlıdere and Üçyol, Buca lines applied by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality not included in the program in this context?
Our Mersin province, which has a population of close to one million, is larger than many other cities with a rail system. If requested by our Mersin province, would you approve that the rail transportation system is also made by the Ministry of Transport?
Isn't it just an injustice and discrimination against our municipalities and our citizens living in that municipality?
With these investments, the costs of which are covered by the Treasury and which are almost impossible to be paid back to the Treasury by the municipalities, do you think that the Treasury resources are used only in favor of a political party and that the taxes collected from the citizens are fair in returning to the citizens?
What is the amount of payment from the rail system or metro revenues made to the Treasury accounts so far?
Mr. Prime Minister, even in the investments to be made in our country, while considering the distinction of political party, how do you intend to provide an atmosphere of social peace and tranquility? Ir



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