Mersin-Adana High Speed ​​Train Project

Mersin-Adana High-Speed ​​Train Project: The Municipality of Akdeniz, on the basis of the planning of the removal of the existing railway line on the 4 line within the scope of the High-Speed ​​Train Project, removed the trees from the Huzurkent Preserve on the expanding line and moved it to the Adanalıoğlu Quarter.
The central district of Mersin is renting the Huzurkent Preserve, which is used by the General Directorate of the National Real Estate. The municipality was located on the axis that will be expanded due to the fact that the existing railroad with 2 rail line has an 4 line under the Mersin-Adana High Speed ​​Train Project. Directorate of Parks and Gardens, the Huzurkent Preserve in the palm trees of the adult palm trees, located next to the Adanalıoğlu sports Field and owned by the Municipality of the Mediterranean has planted the blank area.
Sebahat Gençtarih Cebe, Co-Vice President of Parks and Gardens responsible for following the works at the site, stated that the eviction process was carried out. Reminding that they have been operating in Huzurkent Preserve for a long time, Cebe said, an We used this area by renting from the General Directorate of National Real Estate. But this is also the route of the State Railways' high-speed train line. At this time, we received a notice that we should evacuate here soon without warning. Therefore, we will grow the trees we have grown here, and especially the palm trees, such as our strong trees will be disassembled by our free space next to the Adanalıoğlu Sports Field. We will try to raise and protect our trees in that area. In fact, we have no intention of removing any of our trees. However, due to legal obligations, we carry out the evacuation process without harming our trees. Ancak
On the other hand, the Directorate of Parks and Gardens continues to work on the revision of the parks that have completed their service life. Finally, the teams renewed Cengiz Topel Park in Nusratiye neighborhood and offered it to the public. Within the scope of the renovation works, fens' wires around the basketball field in the park were repaired by the teams. New benches were placed at various points of the park. The base sands of the game group were renewed. New germination work was done and the walls of the park were painted. The works were completed after several minor repairs and renovations and the park was put into service.

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