Manisa Büyükşehir examined the local Trambus production site (Photo Gallery)

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality examined local Trambus production on site: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to increase efficiency and comfort in urban transportation, BozankayaThe production, which was found during a visit to Ankara in Turkey to investigate the first native TRAMBUS project. BozankayaManisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun visited the factory, received information about the vehicles at the production site.
Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work on making transportation easier and more efficient on public transportation in Manisa. Bozankayamade inspections in the factory. During the investigations, Mayor Ergün was accompanied by Deputy Secretary General of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Yılmaz Gençoğlu, Aytaç Yalçınkaya and Head of Transportation Department Mümin Deniz. Bozankaya On behalf of the Chairman of the Board Aytunç Günay, Trambus Project Manager Safi Alkaşı and Electric Vehicles Project Coordinator Emrah Dal met by Mayor Ergun, the local Trambuses examined and received information. Previously TRAMBUS first domestic project in Malatya in Turkey offering services to service vehicles while observing the President Ergun, taking information about the project in Ankara made observations about the work they do in Manisa.
We have been working on this project for a long time
Reminding that they have been working on the Trambus project for a long time, Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Ergün said, “We are working hard with our team in line with these efforts. We have gained important information in our previous examinations in Malatya. Domestic Trambus production in Ankara BozankayaWe received information about vehicles. As it is known, we had similar activities abroad. However, when there is domestic production and providing the same solutions with the quality in European standards, our preference will be for domestic production. ”
President Ergün pointed out that there are some traffic-intensive areas in Manisa and said, çeken Our aim is to prevent this density. Thousands of 400 service vehicles in the city every day 25 thousand passengers are coming to traffic. However, there is a significant intensity in urban traffic. At this point, we can understand the importance of the Trambus project. Our goal is to complete this work as soon as possible to make Trambus serve in Manisa. Ama
In the 2015 first domestic production in Turkey TRAMBUS company of the year in Europe, underlining that they selected Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Tr Trambus systems, which are technically similar to tram systems but have lower initial investment costs, make a difference in energy saving. Compared to other public transportation vehicles used today, Trambus; passenger capacity, energy consumption, environmental awareness and modern face. With all these features, we believe that the trambus system will be the solution for transportation in Manisa. ”
Trambus system offers many advantages
Bozankaya The electric drive system, which is the technology used by the Trambus vehicle, which makes its production, makes a difference with its energy and environmental solution plan. Compared to conventional vehicles with a total weight of up to 40 tons, an average advantage of 75 is provided in energy savings. Trambuses draw energy from the double-wire catenary. These wheeled vehicles are integrated with city traffic and provide an advantage in investment costs since no rail system is needed. Thus, Trambus is a good alternative for cities that do not have rail systems and can work integrated in rail systems.

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  1. Dear president, it would be perfect. Starting from Nurlupınar, alaybey government mansion, passing through Ulupark central efendi state hospital direction, turning left from Lale square, going to laleli-Güzelyurt organized industry and Keçiliköy, starts from the organized industry at the exit of İzmir and proceeds on the route of İzmir speedway. I think that the lines that start from the weeping rock, which is the starting point of the spil carriage and finally, which is the starting point of the spil tetrah, move down from the sultan mosque to the bazaar direction through the Karaköy and Izmir tent, and from here towards the state hospital and integrated into the new bus station line, I think that the lines that are integrated into the new bus station will be an era-jumping feature for Manisa.