10 metro station with the most crime committed in London

10 metro station in London, the most crime committed: According to the report prepared by the British Transport Police London's most committed 10 station announced.
According to reports from the police authorities, according to reports, last year in London, the most crime committed metro station, 457 crime report and King's Cross Station was. 457 of the 87 offense, the violence, 65'in violation of the rule and 25'in sexual harassment said. Apart from these, 200 has fraud, theft and drugs related crimes. King's Cross Station 344 is followed by Oxford Circus and Stratford stations with reported crime. Victoria station is the fourth during the list with the 308 crime report. Liverpool Street Station, 235 has been reported during the fifth with the crime, while 228 reported that the seventh-most committed crime was Metro Bank and Monument stations.
North Wembley station on the Bakerloo line is one of the stations with the least number of complaints reported last year. 2015 was recorded as one of the lowest crime rates of the last decade, despite the increase in the number of passengers.
1) King's Cross: 457 crime
2) Oxford Circus: 344 offense
3) Stratford: 344 crime
4) Victoria: 308 offense
5) Liverpool Street: 235 offense
6 Bank: 228 crime
7) Green Park: 193 crime
8) Holborn: 193 offense
9) Leicester Square: 190 crime
10) London Bridge: 184 crime



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