Level Crossings Inspected in Manisa

Level Crossings Inspected in Manisa. Manisa larıTurgutlu Stations Km. The operation at the level crossing at 66 + 880 was monitored.
Manisa larıTurgutlu Stations Km. 66 + 880 level crossing due to traffic density and accident risk due to the common request of the neighborhood headmen, Şehzadeler Municipality, Kaymakamlık and Manisa deputy Selçuk Özdağ'in TCDD 3. The existing gate guard box will also be transported to the gate and the parade controlled by the municipality will be controlled by the passage of the municipality staff (gate guard) in the beginning of February.
Also on the same rail line was found that the damage was done to the other side of the railway by the residents of the Km.68 + 400 was damaged. It was seen that the solution of the problem was to be able to pass the pedestrians without being affected by the train traffic by making a small aperture in the section in the railway field, but it was explained to the municipal authorities and the people of the municipality that the solution of culvert approaches and surface water drainage should be provided by the Municipality.

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