Why there is no train in the Bay Bridge Project

There is no train in the Gulf Bridge Project. In the first plans of the Gulf Bridge, which was described as the project of the century, Istanbul was planned to connect Yalova-Bursa by train. TIRs on the roads would disappear.
Yalova deputies Yalova, who said that the Yalova deputy remains silent in the projects carried out by the state and will fly Yalova, ”It should have been this train line during the project of the Gulf bridge. Our deputies did not speak. Yalova should not be sentenced to Istanbul and Europe only by sea. In bad weather, almost transportation stops in the entire region. The train has not yet run. In parallel with the new highway to be built between Kocaeli-Yalova, the Kocaeli-Yalova-Bursa road train line should also be built. This is the last opportunity. The project is coming to the final points. This should be put forward in the CED meeting. Our ruling party deputy Fikri Demirel and CHP deputy Muharrem İnce should work together on this issue. The construction of the train line will add more value to Yalova. High speed train will be taken to Bursa. They must have been in Yalova within this project. ”

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