Why there is no train in the Bay Bridge Project

In the first bridge of the Gulf bridge project, which is described as the project of the Gulf Bridge, Istanbul was planned to connect Yalova-Bursa by train while the train passage was canceled during the construction phase. TIRs on the roads would disappear.
Yalova deputies of the state made by Yalova and silent in the projects that will remain silent, said:, This bridge should be in the project phase of the Gulf bridge project. Our MPs have no voice. Yalova should not be condemned only to Istanbul and Europe. In bad weather almost all stops in the area. He hasn't left the train yet. Kocaeli-Yalova between the new highway parallel to the Kocaeli-Yalova-Bursa road train line should be made. This is the last opportunity. The project is coming to the final demos. It should be put forward in this opinion at the CED meeting. For the ruling party, Fikri Demirel and CHP deputy Muharrem İnce Yalova, the ruling party should work together on this issue. The construction of the train line will add more value to Yalova. A high-speed train will be taken to Bursa. This project should be in Yalova Bu.

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