Konya ski resort Aladağ'da semester break

The ski resort of the ski resort Aladağ in the semester: A study in order to be the ski resort of Konya, Aladağ was the destination of the ski resort of Konyalı with the arrival of the semester holiday.

Konya's Winter Sports Center started to work in Aladag, the snow level of approximately 1 meter height, Konyalı ski lovers began to pull the region.

The summit and slopes of Derbent Aladağ, which has a height of 2 thousand 385 meters, completely covered the white with the snow after the winter season. Working for the construction of the ski resort of Konya Aladag, families who want to enjoy skiing, began to take the district. together with the start of the semester holidays for many family holidays in Turkey on their way to ski centers in various cities, some prefer the Aladag. On the day of arriving at Aladağ, adults who enjoy the skiing pleasure enjoy this pleasure with the ski teams they bring, while the rest of the family enjoys the slides made of plastic materials or the rubber lumps on the white hood. Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, ski teams and Aladağ from time to time to enjoy the skiing pleasure.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, in his statement, will be the ski resort of Konya Aladag'a Konya Metropolitan Municipality after the opening of the road by the problem of transportation, said: acak As a municipality of Derbent, we provided a small social facility in the area of ​​the ski resort. Plastic and wood sleds are also available for our families. Without more facilities, many ski enthusiasts became frequented by Aladag snow. There is currently a thickness of one meter of snow. Many families come to ski and sled teams and enjoy skiing here. We recommend the families of Konyalı to come to Aladağ during this semester. I also learned to ski in Aladag and winter season with both the promotion of the region as well as to meet my passion for skiing Aladag'a often go out, '' he said.

Aladag after the establishment of the ski resort with snow crystal structure is believed to be the most popular winter sports center of Turkey emphasizing Acar, "Here will be established with the ski center will become the center of Konya winter sports. Konya, winter tourism will be met with the Konya he said.