City buses are disinfected in Kayseri

Municipal Buses are Disinfected in Kayseri: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Machinery Supply, Maintenance and Repair Department disinfects public transportation vehicles for hygiene every day. With the disinfection, it is ensured that those who travel are protected from infectious diseases.
The Metropolitan Municipality is cleaning buses to ensure that citizens are transported in a clean and hygienic environment. With the work done, the passenger handles, seats, ventilation hatches, cem and metal surfaces in the buses are disinfected every day with cleaning materials.
Public transport is constantly being made hygienic in order to prevent the spread of diseases that may cause epidemics such as influenza and flu. With disinfection process, all parts of the buses are cleaned in detail and citizens are able to travel in a healthier way. In disinfecting works, anti-bacterial cleaning materials that do not harm human health are used.

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