Skiing hungry

Skiing makes you hungry: You skied in the mountains covered with snow white all day long. It's time to feed your stomach. Bursa Iskender Kebab, juicy casserole dishes Bolu, Erzurum cag kebab, ravioli and Kars gruyere cheese Kayseri ... unforgettable in cities where the Turkey's popular ski resorts you can taste local delicacies ...


Uludag, Turkey's most popular ski resort. Bursa, where the center is located, is the address of İskender Kebab, whose fame has spread all over the world. Finely cut doner leaves, warm pita, tomato sauce, and sizzling butter sauce on the meat. Do not return without eating this kebab. Another flavor of Bursa is its meatballs with pita. You will sweep the meatballs spread on the pitas in a short time. Chestnut candy, which is produced by cooking chestnuts collected in Uludağ with sherbet, is a legendary taste unique to the city. Chestnut jam, pie and paste are also made in the city. Pita with tahini cooked in stone ovens is also a breakfast classic.


Kars, the city of snowdrops, where Sarıkamış is located, has hosted many civilizations in the past. This situation has created a rich cuisine culture. Its honey and gruyere cheese are very famous. The taste of the large-pored hard gruyere cheese is compared to that of Swiss cheeses. Honey, on the other hand, gets its fame from the cold climate wildflowers on high altitude hills. Another flavor you can taste is goose meat. Goose meat is consumed between November and March.


Kayseri, where Erciyes ski resort is located, has a rich culinary culture. Be sure to try mantı, the most famous dish of the city, which has the characteristics of Central Anatolian cuisine. According to research, 36 kinds of mantı are made in the city. The most common is garlic yogurt, oil roasted tomato paste, sumac, chili peppers and mint. Cut soup here is also very delicious. Be sure to taste the bacon on paper in the city famous for its bacon.


Erzurum, home to Palandoken ski center, is famous for its cag kebab. The meats that are skewered like doner are cooked horizontally over wood fire. It is served with scrubbed onions, salad, roasted peppers, spicy paste and homemade yoghurt. The city's stuffed kadayif is also one of the tastes that should be tasted. Tea comes right after the meals in Erzurum. Tea is drunk with a special sugar cube as limp.


As it is close to Ankara and Istanbul, Kartalkaya is flooded by ski lovers on the weekend. Kebab, named after Kartalkaya, within the borders of Bolu, is among the famous dishes of the city. In Kartalkaya kebab, meat and vegetables are served in puff pastry. Known as the hometown of cooks, Bolu is famous for its juicy dishes from the Mengen region. The vice's pilaf is also famous. Materials such as meat cubes, onions, tomatoes, walnuts and mushrooms are placed in it. Palace halva, which looks like a compressed form of pies, cevizli donut is one of the local delicacies.

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