Kartalkaya`ya holiday holiday

Kartalkaya`ya holidaymakers' visit: The holiday breaks of the hotels in the Bolu ski resort Kartalkaya have already reached 100.

In the recent period of rising terrorist attacks adversely affects the tourism industry as an important center of winter tourism in Turkey at Kartalkaya, was unaffected. Last snowfall of the ski resort reached 2 meters with rainfall, domestic tourists flocked before the semester break. Filling the hotels, holidaymakers enjoyed skiing and snowboarding on the slopes prepared for skiing with snow machines. Ski enthusiasts, ski lifts to the summit of the Koroglu Mountains, approximately 35 kilometers of slippage on the track lived the excitement. Snow-covered pine forests created by the fascinating nature of skiing holidaymakers, did not get off the track all day long.

The semester holiday reservations of the hotels in Kartalkaya are also completely filled. Grand Kartal Hotel General Manager Emir Aras explained that the occupancy rate in his hotels was 99 percent due to the semester break and said, “We have a few rooms left. They are also transition periods. Except for a few rooms in between, all the other rooms were filled. I think the season will be very good. I think all the hotels in the ski center are full. Our tracks are in very good condition and they are all open. There is about 2 meters of snow on the tracks. "This winter will be a long and beautiful season," he said.