Snowfall in Kartalkaya and Gölcük

Kartalkaya and Snow in Gölcük: Kartalkaya and details of snowfall in Golcuk, Kartalkaya and snowfall in puddles Kartalkaya snow thickness reached 2 meters, Golcuk Nature Park puddles Nature Park with kartalkaya of Turkey's major ski resorts took on white Snowfall continues intermittently.

Snow thickness approached 2 meters in Kartalkaya Ski Center due to the rainfall that started at night.

70 on weekdays, the center of the center of the week-end service with a hundred percent full. Those who come to the ski center from abroad and from abroad can enjoy the holiday by skiing and snowboarding under snowfall on the tracks with 45 kilometers.

Snowfall continues in Gölcük Nature Park, which is famous for its natural beauty. In the nature park, whose high parts were covered in white, postcard landscapes were created.