Snow Makes Hoteliers Smile in Palandoken

Snow Made Hoteliers Smile in Palandöken: The snowfall that started in Erzurum the previous morning and continued for 3 days intermittently made the faces of the hotel operators and skiers on Palandöken Mountain.

With the expected rainfall, faces started to laugh in Palandöken. The occupancy rate in hotels reached 70 percent. Entering the new year with a bed occupancy rate of 95 percent, the hotels were still full of ski lovers at the weekend despite the fog. Despite a noticeable decrease in the number of tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Poland due to the problem with Russia, hotels have closed the gap with tourists from Georgia, Germany and Iran. Meanwhile, hotel operators were satisfied when many local tourists from Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya chose Palandöken to spend the New Year holiday.

Ömer Akca, the general manager of a hotel in Palandöken, stated that they expect the bed occupancy rate to reach 100 percent on the return of the semester break and said, “There is plenty of profit. Our guests were satisfied with the snow. Our bed occupancy rate was 70 percent in the new year. We have a semester break ahead of us. We prepared all kinds of our packages. We believe that all hotels in Palandöken will have a 100 percent bed occupancy rate during the semester break. " said.

Stating that he came to Palandöken from Istanbul to ski, businessman Hikmet Kaya said that he was satisfied with the length of the slopes and the quality of snow. Stating that the ski center's proximity to the city center and the airport is another advantage, Kaya said, “I came from Istanbul for skiing. I come to Palandöken every year. I can leave my home in Istanbul and ski in Palandöken 3 hours later. In addition, it is possible to see Erzurum's unique hospitality in the city center. " he spoke.

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