Japan is running to a student train station

Japan is running a train station for a student.Japan, 3 has been serving for many years for only one passenger, keeping the train stop open so that it is not a victim
A train station on the northern end of Hokkaido island in Japan is open for only one student for many years. Every day a train arrives in the morning and evening.
The decision was granted by the Japan Railways 3 years ago. The number of passengers at the station, the excessive decrease in the number of passengers before closing the station brought an interesting decision. The station stays open until the young girl graduates. In fact, the railways set the train's timetable for the young girl's school hours.
According to the news in the citylab com, this station is kept open for nearly three years, the high school girl will be closed in March.
While the population is rapidly declining, the transportation options to rural areas in Japan are decreasing day by day, while this unusual practice in Hokkaido has already been reported in all Western media.

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