Distressed 2 platform platform at Izmit Train Station

The 2 platform is troubled at the Izmit Train Station: The necessary arrangements for the Izmit Train Station have not ended. High Speed ​​Train (YHT) to the direction of Istanbul, 1'ın perona approaching. However, YHT to Ankara direction, 2'nin perona comes. On the 1 platform, there is no problem about getting on and off the train. But the 2 perona is quite distressed, especially in snowy icy weather. For this reason, even those who missed the train. Passengers who say that there is a very important time difference between the train going to Istanbul and the train going to Ankara, said, bulundu They can take YHT to Ankara and 1 to the first. We want this train to enter the 1 deck until the new platform works are completed at Gar çalış.

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