Metro crash in Izmir (Video)

Izmir metro accident: Evka 3-Fahrettin Altay in Izmir, one of the subway car was overturned.
A container that fell towards the rails during the loading in the storage area next to the subway wagon hit the subway wagon at the Regional Station of the metro in Izmir.
In İzmir, a container at the Regional Station location of the subway crashed into the subway car in the next storage area. Some passengers were injured in the car crashed as a result of the accident. One of the wagons of the subway, which made the Evka 3-Fahrettin Altay expedition in Izmir, was overthrown. A large number of ambulances and fire brigades were referred to the scene. As a result of the accident was learned that many wounded.
It is stated that there are disruptions in the flights due to the accident.



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