Removed subway wagon in Izmir (Video)

The two-piece subway wagon, which was knocked down in the accident yesterday morning, was lifted with the help of cranes. In the accident that took place in Bornova district at 07.47 yesterday, Fahrettin Altay-Evka3 was on the brink of disaster on the metro train.
The empty container lifted by a forklift slipped towards the rails in the area used as a container depot right next to the subway stop. Approaching the Regional Station by reducing his speed, the mechanic crashed into the train under Erhan Uygur. With the impact of the crash, two wagons connected to the bellows, with 30 passengers behind, were overturned by the tow truck of the metro. Seven people were slightly injured in the accident. The wounded who were taken to Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital were treated on an outpatient basis.
Two cranes were brought to the container storage area to remove the wagons. The workers tied the ropes under the wagons and tied them to the cranes. Giant cranes lifted the two-piece wagon on the 12.30 rails at the time. The wagons were taken to the TIRs.



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