Izmir Metro Traces the London Underground

İzmir Metro Traces the London Underground. Being the first metro in the world, London Underground celebrates its 153rd anniversary this week.
The London Metro, which has a total of 270 stations and has one of the longest metro networks in the world with its 400 kilometer length, makes a significant contribution to the UK transportation by carrying an average of one billion people a year.
the subway system, which are widely used in Turkey, especially in terms of transportation are gaining an important position in Izmir. So much so that the Izmir Metro, which was opened to the use of Izmir residents in 2000, serves approximately three hundred and fifty thousand people a day at seventeen stations ranging from Bornova Evka-3 to Fahrettin Altay.
İzmir Metro, which also connects to the Izmir suburban system via transfer stations, facilitates access to important points of the city, especially Adnan Menderes Airport with its transportation network up to twenty kilometers.
Providing information to the Aegean Agency about the breakthroughs of the Izmir Metro, İzmir Metro Public Relations Manager Mehlika Gökmen Türkmenoğlu stated that the frequency of the metro voyages was reduced to three and a half minutes at almost every hour of the day, and that the citizens were careful to keep the waiting time at the lowest level in the platform. Türkmenoğlu also added that the number of subway vehicles will increase to one hundred and eighty-two with ninety-five new subway vehicles, the manufacturing process of which is expected to be delivered at the end of the year, and that the number of subway trips will decrease by one and a half minutes after reaching this figure.
"Will it be possible to reduce the frequency of metro flights during the exam periods of universities located on the metro network such as Ege University and Yaşar University?" Türkmenoğlu, who answered the question, underlined that each school's exam schedule may differ, so that they organize a special expedition for national exams only for the time being.

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