Real Estate Sector Gets Moved in İZBAN Torbalı

The Real Estate Sector in İZBAN Torbalı has become active: The real estate sector has become active in 2016, thousands of houses are built every year in Torbalı, one of the most vibrant regions of İzmir.
With the new year, many sectors became active. The real estate sector is one of them. Even faster with 2016 kazanAt the moment, the sector expects both İZBAN and housing loans to decrease.
Torbalı, which is one of the most active areas of the construction sector in İZMİR, is built with thousands of houses every year. Investors flock to the district, where nearly 200 contractors operate, from neighboring provinces and districts. Those who want to get their share of the district's share in the construction sector are shifting their investments here. Emphasizing that both the construction and real estate sectors are active in 2016, Hortuna Emlak's owner Mehmet Dinç said, “The real estate sector is increasing its dynamism day by day. The market, which has been stagnating due to the general elections, signals that it will return to its old days. When İZBAN flights start, we expect both investors and citizens to flock to the district, especially from İzmir. Already well-established organizations of Izmir are investing in the district. This makes the market more active, ”he said.
In Torbalı, where a great development has been experienced in recent years, investments are not interrupted.
Since 2000, especially thanks to the growth experienced in the construction sector, the attractiveness of the district has gradually increased. With the increasing number of factories in Torbalı, there has been an intense migration. kazanThe current sector is living its golden period. While the number of contractors in the district reached 200, the title deeds of an average of one thousand houses changed hands every month. In the district where super luxury apartments are located. The houses find buyers between 150 and 400 thousand liras. Recently, there has been a great increase in the number of people coming from Izmir to Torbalı. It is expected that this interest will increase even more with İZBAN. Torbalı, where thousands of houses are built, also attracts the attention of companies in the surrounding provinces and districts.
30 percent value last year kazanreal estate in the district, how Torbalı has grown and its value kazanhe's showing.
The increasing demand every year also delights the representatives of the real estate industry. Mehmet Dinç, owner of Hortuna Emlak, which moved to its new location in the past months: “Our service quality has increased with our new address. The number of people who buy and sell real estate is increasing day by day. The improvements are pleasing. Sales are increasing day by day. If the housing loans are brought to the desired level, sales will increase even more. We look forward to the start of the İZBAN flights. These two important factors will make the real estate sector in the district even more active, ”he said.

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