Transportation started in Istanbul

Raised transportation has started in Istanbul: The hike tariff started after the hike in public transportation in Istanbul. According to the tariff that started today, the full ticket in Istanbul was 2,30 TL, the student was 1,15 TL, and the discount was 1,65 TL.
With the decision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), the tariff of İETT, Otobüs A.Ş. and Private Public Buses and rail and sea transportation systems was reorganized.
According to the new tariff, the full ticket is 2,30 TL, the student is 1,15 TL, the discount is 1,65 TL. A full monthly blue card is determined as 185 TL,, discounted student's monthly blue card is 80 TL,
According to the statement made by UKOME, the new tariff is as follows:
The first boarding fees for pre-paid trips made with Istanbul card; From 2,15 to 2,30 TL, from student 1,10 to 1,15 TL, from Discounted 1,50 to 1,65.
Istanbulkart first boarding fees:
Full 2,15 to 2,30 TL,
Student 1,10 to 1,15 TL,
Discounted 1,50 to 1,65
Transfer boarding fees:
Tam1,45 TL to 1,65 TL,
Student 0,45 from TL to 0,50 TL,
Social Card 0,85 was upgraded from TL to 0,95 TL.
The transfers were organized according to the category, decreasing in favor of the citizen.
Monthly Blue Card
Tam170 TL to 185 TL,
Student 77 TL to 80 TL
Social Card 100 was upgraded from TL to 110 TL.
180 provides the advantage of Monthly Blue Card price for prepaid journeys if 200 is fully used for students and discount groups. One, two, three, five, ten pass cards and coin fees remained the same price.
Coin: 4,00 TL
One-pass ticket: 4,00 TL



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