Spanish CAF Produces Civity Trains to England

Spanish CAF Produces Civity Trains to the UK: The Spanish CAF will produce new trains for use in northern England. The cost of the deal funded by Eversholt Rail will cost 490 million Euros. The new trains to be produced will consist of the Civity family of CAF.
According to the agreement funded by Eversholt Rail, the CAF will produce 31 3'er wagon, 12 4'er wagon electric train, 25 2 diesel car and 30 3 wagon diesel. CAF will produce 281 wagons in total and will deliver trains in 2018 year.
Antonio Campo, CAF's international trade manager, said in a statement that it would benefit both sides of the deal, and that, together with this agreement, the role of CAF in the UK Railway market has increased.

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