Auction for British Merseyrail Reduced to Five Firms

Bidding Made for British Merseyrail Has Been Reduced to Five Firms: Following the elimination of certain criteria among various companies for the tender held by the transportation department of Merseyside, England, the last five companies that were selected to participate in the tender were announced on January 11. The tender covers approximately 50 electric trains to be produced for Merseyrail. The last five companies in the tender were partnerships of Bombardier, CAF, Siemens, Stadler and Alstom and J-Trec.
Tender documents will be announced on January 22. Firms participating in the tender must submit their bids by the end of next April. tender kazanIt is expected that the company will be announced towards the end of 2016. In the next stage, it has been reported that 50 electric trains to be produced will be delivered in early 2020.

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