Search and Rescue Exercise at Ilgaz Ski Center

Search and Rescue Exercise in Ilgaz Ski Center: Detailed images from the exercise Introduction of equipment used in search and rescue activities Rescue of those trapped in the chairlift Rescue of the person trapped in avalanche Interview with Kastamonu Governor Şehmus Günaydın Search and rescue drill in the Ilgaz Ski Center In the exercise, the scenario is under an avalanche. the remaining people in search and rescue dog search and rescue exercise was reached thanks to the ski center in Ilgaz, Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter was performed.

Search and rescue the introduction of equipment used in operations in chairlift stranded on the rescue of trapped under the avalanche the person in recovery of Kastamonu Governor in an interview Ilgaz with Sehmus morning search and rescue exercise in the exercise scenario should avalanches under the trapped person search and rescue dog thanks was reached Turkey's most important winter Search and rescue drills were held in the ski resort of Ilgaz, one of the tourism centers.

The drill made by the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) team within the Ilgaz Patol Command of Kastamonu Provincial Gendarmerie Command started with the introduction of the equipment used in the search and rescue activities.

Later on, according to the scenario, 2 was stranded on the chairlift line at the facility and the teams were reported. In a short period of time, the JAK team moved to the area and carried out the evacuation of citizens stranded on the ski lift.

The person trapped under an avalanche within the scope of the exercise was also reached thanks to the search and rescue dog “Gezgin”. The teams carried the person, who was taken out from under the snow in an unconscious manner, to the ambulance with a snowmobile.

Governor Şehmus Günaydın, Brigadier General Faruk Bal, Kastamonu Gendarmerie Regional Commander Colonel Halil Altıntaş, Çankırı Provincial Gendarmerie Commander, Kastamonu Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Serdar Güngör, Kastamonu Provincial Police Director Mustafa Yoldan, Kastamonu Provincial Disaster and Emergency Director Ekrem Küçükbayram successfully completed.

“We have seen how adequate and equipped our friends are”

Governor Günaydın, AA correspondent, said after the exercise, the teams performed a very successful activity, he said.

Reminding that the scenario applied in the drill was real last year, Şehmus Günaydın said, “We did the same drill last year during these periods. Immediately afterwards, 13 of our citizens were trapped in the chairlift in Çankırı. So today's scenario took place last year. I hope this doesn't happen this year, but when it happened, we saw how efficient and equipped our friends are. We wish the skiers a good and enjoyable season. ”

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