Ihlara Valley Cableway and Elevator Project

minister ersoy has a work on the cable car in ihlara valley
minister ersoy has a work on the cable car in ihlara valley

It has been announced that a Kazakhstani firm has submitted a preliminary bid for the elevator and cable car system, which is considered to be built in the Ihlara Town of Guzelyurt District of Aksaray, if the High Council of Monuments approves.

Istanbul TÜYAP will close today Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel (EMITT) Fair connected to the Mayor of Ihlara Municipality Ismail Yilmaz, Hasan Mountain, 40, Aksaray, 7, Güzelyurt, the wonder of nature, a mile away from the natural wonder, Cappadocia Region ' said that the Ihlara Valley had the world's largest grand canyon. Mayor Yilmaz, the Valley length of about 20 kilometers, the height of the canyon places 100-110 meters in places, he said. Ihlara Mayor Ismail Yilmaz, in the valley of great importance for cultural tourism 8-12 century in the Byzantine lived and the 10 105 near the church there is a cave near the entrance of the municipality, the valley entrance at the end of the year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism facilities, which will provide a major contribution to the region of the lift and cable lift can be put here one of the feet, he said. Ihlara Mayor Ismail Yilmaz stated that the elevator and ropeway projects are in front of the High Board of Monuments, said:

Kazakistan Businessmen from the Kazakhstan cable car company in Istanbul came. If we can agree, we plan to build a ropeway from the town square with the model 'build operate transfer'. Approximately 2 will be a thousand meters long. One of the feet of the Ihlara Valley may be the center of Ihlara Town. The other pillar may be in the region we call Ulubag. 10 cost £ 1 million. However, no further feasibility studies were made. The agreement between the Ministry and the end of the end of the year will come into play and will prepare. Our doors are open to investors. Im

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, among the world's largest canyon and geological features, almost like the open-air museum of the Ihlara Valley in economic, social and cultural areas to contribute to tourism more effectively made a variety of recorded research. 22 October In 1990, the decision of the Council of Ministers in the region of 54 square kilometers 'Special Environmental Protection Area' was declared. It was stated that without the damaging of the natural and historical texture of the valley, a project for the development of a certified high-rise exit system could be prepared.

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