IETT retirees' free travel passes canceled

Free travel passes of IETT retirees were canceled: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) canceled the free travel passes used by those retired from IETT. Sancaktepe Municipality and IMM Council CHP Member Servet Baylan submitted a parliamentary question regarding the cancellation of the free travel passes of IETT retirees.
Since October 2015, the IMM canceled the free passes of those retired from IETT. Regarding the issue, CHP member Servet Baylan told the IMM Assembly Presidency, 'Why were the free travel passes of IETT retirees canceled?' gave a parliamentary question in the form.
CHP's Baylan expressed the following in his parliamentary question: “IETT is the long-established institution of Istanbul that has carried its burden for years, regardless of winter or snow. The employees of this institution spent their years here with a sense of belonging. Working honestly, some of them broke their hands and arms in a work accident, some of them disturbed the psychology and health of the traffic in Istanbul in order to bring halal bite to their children. He left a memory and a story in each of his employees, but one of their dreams was to retire from this institution, and the institution, where he worked with a sense of belonging for years with the IETT retired pass, now provide free service.
This was the case until October of 2015. However, these cards, which they had traveled free of charge since then, have become invalid by IETT and have started to pay their travels. In order to reinstate these passages and to restore their passive values, the AKP Group Management visited the group in November with a group of retired representatives from IETT.
The management found this situation justified and stated that they would work on fixing it, but the problem is still not solved. Last month, during the Parliament period, I reminded them of this situation verbally, but I still haven't gotten an answer. This problem of our retirees, who spend most of their time in their hometown in difficult conditions, has not been resolved, although there are still promises made. Stating that our retirees want to use the right to protest, which is the most democratic right, I remind you once again of this situation in the presence of our parliament with a motion. "
Servet Baylan with CHP also asked the questions to be answered:
How many people are retired from 1-IETT and traveling with this card?
2-Why were these retired passes canceled?
3 - Is there a new regulation on retirement passes?
4-When will there be any regulation?



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