It is the right of the train and airport to Kahramanmaras

📩 29/11/2018 20:23

High Speed ​​Train and the airport is the right of Kahramanmaraş: Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KMTSO) President Kemal Karaküçük said, Karak We are the politicians who want to do business, if there is a minister and they came to the table. The high-speed train, the airport, the road. We do not lose anything, "he said.
KMTSO 33. Speaking at his parliament, Karaküçük, the high-speed train, made information about the airport and the OIZ. Minister of Culture and Tourism Mahir Ünal stated that KMTSO supported the project and that the project was supported by KMYRO. In 3 airport terminal building project with million passenger capacity was approved. 80 million TL budget. Approximately 80 million TL of 40 million TL has been deposited by the ministry to the court's warehouse account as an expropriation fee. Mahir Ünal, Minister of Culture and Tourism, developed an idea about the change of this project. Work for a regional airport in Narlı, where the modernization for the modernization of 80 Million TL source and Gaziantep airport in the airport and the new terminal building in the revision of the 100 Million TL was allocated. 180 Million TL will be spent such disbursement 250 Million TL spend the larger international airport to make the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs officials have met with Mr. Mahir Ünal. At the moment, Mahir Bey asked that the investment in Kahramanmaraş be frozen. It's in the Transport Workshop, okay? Continue? It was said to him, let's decide, Ona he said.
Culture and Tourism Minister Mahir Ünal, indicating that the airport will be making progress on the development of Karaküçük, bey Minister, Narlı will do a study related to the pursuit of his own and said. He's a follower himself. The Minister follows the inside of the cabinet, presses it, tells the bureaucrats. If you can become an airport to Narlı, 1-2 will give the Ministry of Transport by survey. If it is not going to be available, the resources for the rehabilitation of our airport are ready. This was promised, ”he said.
Mayor Karaküçük said:
Dim When I took office in 2011, I promised the 3 thing in KMTSO Assembly Hall. We will establish a new organized industrial zone. Narlı is also a regional airport. A free zone in the Seyrantepe area. Organized Industrial Zone is not our job, but we are players, OSB have made it. It is not our job to do the airport, but it was our job to move it to the public for this airport. We moved it to the public, everyone owned it. People appeared to be journalists, politicians.
4 years before the transport workshop in relation to the high-speed train to Kahramanmaras must come, I said. Is the high-speed train to Kahramanmaras, even the airport was not even said. In front of us, the politician who wants to do business, if there is a minister and come to the table, let's ask. The high-speed train, the airport, the road. We won't lose anything. The high speed train goes to other cities, why not get luxury in Kahramanmaras. At the end of 2017, the fast train will be connected to Nurdağı-Türkoğlu. Turkoglu logistics is coming to the front of the village. 1 hours to the 20 hour with the fast train to Adana. You can go to Adana by 2 hour by day. Take the route from this route in time. But come on. Come from Adana. Tomorrow, one day 10-20 years after the opportunity to come from Kayseri can come. I always favor the great thinking of being asked. Because these investments are being made to other provinces, let's do this before we do our civil courage in a broken way. Yes, priorities can change, but let's do it all to Kahramanmaraş. Let's ask. There is no natural right to ask. İstem


  1. Adana route is correct for Mediterranean-Aegean connection. However, for Kayseri - ankara - Istanbul, it would be appropriate to revise the Yerköy Kayseri connection of the project as Yerköy Kayseri - Kahramanmaraş. Buddha Hero is the right of our city.

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